Data versus Fibre

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Fibre optics have been used for some time now in a number of different industries yet within the Telecommunications world it has been utilized with the greatest effect. Originally perceived as an expensive alternative to copper, Fibre Optic technology has transformed into a Major driver in the Telecoms Industry.

This transformation has been achieved mainly due to the two very simple advantages it has over copper:
*Fibre transmits data with less loss yet over higher transmission rates that copper
*Even at this higher level fibre transmits data with a lower rate of errors.
Many new high data-rate protocols such as, frame relay, SMDS, SDH and ATM have, or will, be made possible by the widespread uptake of fibre optic and blown fibre infrastructures and transmissions.

Data V Fibre

Analogue and Digital Data has been transmitted using various different copper cables for many years. Within the telecoms industry the two major types of cables used are ‘Twisted Pair’ and ‘Coaxial’. Twisted pair cable is made up of 2 insulated conductors being twisted together and to further improve this cables’ performance it can be then wrapped in a copper sheath. Whereas Coaxial cable, which has much better transmission qualities than twisted pair consist of a central copper element with a copper covering.

Even though these copper cables have been used for decades the limitations are quite vast. Click here to find out more>>