Fibre Projects

Depending on the project / particular job you are undertaking you can choose from a variety of options of fibre to suit your needs, whether installing fibre as a backbone or utlising the advantages of providing Fibre to desk the options are vast. Loose tube or tight buffered fibre can be installed in either 50/125 or 62.5/125 each being suitable for indoor and or outdoor use and all with standard Low Smoke Zero Halogen Sheaths( LSOH). Standard OM2 fibre and the newer OM3 fibre offer more options on length, with the OM3 being able to transmit speeds of 10GB over 300M and the option of armoured fibre cables again give another element of versatility from the small jobs to any major projects you make be undertaking, throughout all areas of Wales and England.

Maximum flexibility on any fibre project is gained by using a Blown Fibre Solution. The complete solution offered by Blowing Fibre is achieved by only having to install fibres when they are actually needed. Given the uncertainty of trends, growth, movement and financial constraints in business and technology, blown fibre offers flexibility and cost effective aspects that any project could benefit from .

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