Fibre & Blown Fibre

Why use Fibre Optics ?

Although Data Solutions are very effective for schools and businesses of all sizes the only limitation with it is length. Fibre Optics is used to link sites / buildings that would be too far to connect with Data cabling.

Working with fibre allows maximum flexibility for your project and here at Phonelink we have our own fibre blowing kit allowing us to undertake any fibre work and we are Authorised Blown Fibre Installers for ADC Krone allowing us to undertake specialist projects throughout the UK.

In the last few years we have seen an increase in internet access, multimedia services, video on demand and Voice Over IP. These new applications are characterised by high band width consumption requiring more capacity for the Enterprise Network environment.

Optical fibre is the only high bandwidth, low cost, flexible medium that can universally support all of these applications, and the reasons for this can be seen here >>

Blown Fibre adds another element to any fibre installation, allowing maximum flexibility on cost and growth, for more Blown Fibre Information click here >>.

For all your fibre needs, and for more information on blown fibre, single and multi mode projects call us on 01792 875999 to speak to one of our fibre specialists. We are based in Swansea, South Wales, but deal with projects throughout Wales and England.